Momeasy Baby Wipes Large 80 Pieces

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Momeasy baby wet wipes are made with your baby in mind. They are made of soft, non-woven fabric and extra-thick cotton fabric. Because they are fragrance-free and nonalcoholic, they cause no irritation to your baby’s skin. They are great for sensitive skin. The wipes ensure that your baby’s skin is wiped clean for better protection.

  • Thoroughly wipes off the baby’s face and hands to make them clean and fresh.
  • It retains moisture to keep skin smooth and supple.
  • It consists of Water that has been decolonized
  • There is no alcohol in it.
  • The PH is low. It has a PH near the baby’s to maintain it healthy and smooth. Its compositions have a low acid PH.
  • Natural glycerin is used in baby wipes to avoid early childhood infections.
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