Always Pads (Cottony Softness) Maxi Thick Long 7 Pads
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Always Pads (Cottony Softness) Maxi Thick Long 7 Pads

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Always Pads, specifically the "Cottony Softness" Maxi Thick Long variety, are a popular feminine hygiene product designed to provide women with reliable protection and comfort during their menstrual cycle. Always Maxi Thick Long pads offer high absorbency, making them suitable for heavy flow days during menstruation. They are designed to quickly and effectively absorb menstrual fluids, keeping you feeling dry and comfortable. These pads are longer in size compared to standard pads, providing extended coverage and protection. The extra length helps prevent leaks, even on your busiest days. Always Pads feature a "Cottony Softness" cover that is gentle on the skin, preventing irritation or discomfort during wear. The soft surface ensures a comfortable and smooth feel against your body

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